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What is Hubql?
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πŸ” Did you know that software developers spend less than 10% of their time coding? Meetings, code reviewing, documentation, reporting, messaging, and helping others consume a significant chunk of their valuable time.
πŸ’‘ Say hello to Hubql - the collaboration platform for data models and API schemas!
πŸ’š Hubql gives teams more focus time and creates a more collaborative software development environment.
✨ Key Features:
πŸ”„ Auto-generated visualization of JSON, Prisma, GraphQL and Protobuf files
✏️ Seamlessly edit with two-way sync (code <> visualization)
🀝 Synchronous and asynchronous collaboration
πŸ” Share schemas in secured hubs
🧠 Create and improve schemas with the power of AI
πŸ”„ Full Git workflow integration (GitOps)
πŸ’¬ Use comments, notes, suggestions, labels, & highlighting
πŸ€– Technology - Hubql is build with:
React, Nextjs, Reactflow, Liveblocks, Prisma, Vercel, Supabase, GraphQL and #AWS
🌐 About Hubql: Tobias Meixner and Robin Gieck were frustrated with the inefficiencies in current software development practices. So, they created a global team of IT professionals who understand the challenges firsthand and crafted Hubql to solve common pain points for teams.
🌍 Hubql is a remote-first startup with office hubs in Coburg (Zukunft.Coburg.Digital) and Bangkok (True Digital Park).
πŸš€ Join us in streamlining the software development process! Visit Product Hunt today and experience a new era of collaboration and efficiency. πŸš€
πŸ¦„ Let's build, visualize, and document software together with Hubql! πŸ¦„

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