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Changelog - Version 0.8
Changelog - Version 0.8
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New Features and Enhancements

1. AI-powered Data Model and API Schema Templates

  • Added OpenAI-powered templates for creating data models in JSON, Prisma, GraphQL, and Protobuf formats.

  • Users can use the "Ask AI" option to describe their app and generate starting points for projects.

2. GraphQL Support and Visualization (Experimental)

  • Experimental support for GraphQL schema files.

  • Added support for standard GraphQL Schema Definition Language (SDL) files, including Query and Mutation type definitions.

  • Enables visualization of GraphQL schema for collaboration and analysis.

  • Planned future support for Scalars, Directives, Variables, introspection, and local development.

3. Protobuf Support and Visualization (Experimental)

  • Experimental support for Protobuf files.

  • Users can now turn Protobuf definitions into graphical representations.

  • Automatic graph generation from single Protobuf message definition files.

  • Future releases aim to include multi-file support for grouping and visualization enhancements.

4. Color-coded Grouping with Labels

  • Introduced color-coded labels for grouping entities.

  • Users can apply labels to multiple entities, enhancing organizational capabilities.

  • Helps in grouping data models and API types based on domain, service, or owner.

  • Color-coded labels aid in concise and visually organized documentation.

5. Suggestions

  • Added a suggestions feature for collaboration between contributors.

  • External parties can make and review suggestions for field types, keys, or values.

  • Suggestions available for all file types in Hubql to maintain synchronization between visualization and code.

Permission-level restrictions on suggestions, attached to specific users, with the ability to accept or discard changes.

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