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Changelog - Version 0.9
Changelog - Version 0.9
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New Features and Enhancements

1. Highlighting of Relations:

  • Introduced color-coded highlighting for relations in GraphQL, Protobuf, and Prisma file types.

  • Automatic highlighting of relations by clicking and selecting a node title.

  • Support for highlighting single relations by clicking and selecting individual fields or type definitions in GraphQL.

  • Enhanced collaboration with color-coded user selections during live collaboration.

  • Planned future enhancements to provide additional controls on color coding and toggles for customized workflow.

2. Save Position and Layout:

  • Implemented the ability to save the position of nodes, enabling users to create personalized layouts.

  • Combined with color-coded tagging, users can arrange related domain models together for better documentation.

  • Automatic saving and loading of node positions upon page reload.

  • Seeking user feedback on layout preferences and considering multiple layout templates for future updates.

  • Ongoing improvements to the initial auto-layout on first load or when adding new items to the data model.

3. Documentation Notes (Experimental):

  • Introduced experimental documentation notes feature to add context beyond converted code.

  • Notes can provide additional context for business users, enabling better collaboration.

  • Formatting options include headlines, paragraphs, ordered and numbered lists.

  • Notes are rendered in default white on black and saved in their previous location on drag stop.

  • Example use cases include adding TODO notes for quick iteration and collaborating on RFC or requirements.

  • Part of the vision to make Hubql a collaborative platform for software development.

  • Planned future improvements include additional formatting options, general documentation support, and generating a final documentation from notes alongside visualization.

  • Feature is experimental, and user feedback is appreciated for further enhancements.

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