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What are Hubql files?

In the Hubql environment, files play a significant role. You can create new files, and additionally, files can be added through incoming events, custom payloads, or by uploading from your local device.

File type

You have a variety of file types to choose from, including:

  • GraphQL

  • Prisma

  • Protobuf

  • JSON

Through its integration with GitHub, Hubql empowers users to import and visualize their data models directly from the repository, creating a collaborative platform.

This integration ensures a smooth workflow, allowing you to collaborate with your team seamlessly. Additionally, Hubql provides source control capabilities, enabling collaborative data model development through comments and suggestions that synchronize effortlessly with your source code and code editor.

This feature allows for a streamlined collaborative process, where comments and suggestions can be seamlessly integrated into the development workflow.

Furthermore, sharing data models is a breeze with Hubql, adding an extra layer of efficiency to your collaborative efforts. The platform is designed to empower teams to work together seamlessly while maintaining a structured and organized approach to file management.

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