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Changelog - Version 1.0
Changelog - Version 1.0
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New Features and Enhancements

  1. Stability Improvements and Bug Fixes:

    • Resolved bugs and issues, including:

      • Fix for accepting suggestions adding new fields in the wrong model (Prisma).

      • Correction of public links not redirecting to login.

      • Addressing missing workspace members in access list.

      • Fix for labels not being added in real-time.

    • User experience enhancements:

      • Synced scrolling feature for model list, code editor, and visualization.

      • Comment indicators in model list and visualization.

      • Toggle for notes hide/show.

      • Improved loading indicators and warning messages.

  2. Layout Controls and Toggles:

    • Introduction of right-click context menu for toggling visibility of modules (code editor, visualization, header, comment sidebar).

  3. File Management Features:

    • Ability to delete and rename files in static Hubs not connected to a GitHub repository.

  4. Documentation Notes (Stable Version):

    • Enhanced stability and functionality for documentation notes:

      • Option to add notes in specific locations.

      • Display of notes authors.

      • Additional formatting options for notes.

      • Capability to start discussion threads on notes.

      • Integration of notes in the discussion sidebar.

      • Feature to delete notes.

  5. Export Functionality (Experimental):

    • Export visualization of data models and API schemas as PNG images.

    • Current view export feature as an experimental offering, with plans for future enhancements.

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